Connecting the Dots for Your Jury™

Our constant goal is the absolute best presentation of your case, which is essential to persuading a jury and obtaining a successful result. To reach that goal, we recently launched Verdix Legal, LLC, a new technology and trial presentation company.

Verdix Legal produces courtroom presentations that integrate animations, audio, demonstrative aids, depositions, documents, photographs and video in an attempt to help jurors better understand the evidence.

Dan Sheehan, Verdix Legal’s founding attorney, has been a trial lawyer for 37 years.

“Many companies are able to produce appealing presentations, but lack the experience in the courtroom and the thorough understanding of the jury’s needs. Verdix Legal produces the most effective trial presentations while providing legal consultation.”

— Dan Sheehan, Managing Member of Verdix Legal

James Dobbins is a well-known trial consultant with more than 130 trials under his belt. If our firm handles your case, chances are James will be at your trial making sure the jury understands your case through a powerful, visual presentation of the evidence.

“By merging the talent of an accomplished courtroom lawyer and an expert in trial technology, Verdix Legal can advise clients on what the jury is going to react to. The courtroom is becoming more advanced in technology, and we pride ourselves in merging the newest in litigation technologies with innovative and compelling presentation methods for trial.”

— James Dobbins, Director of Technology

To learn more about Verdix Legal, LLC, click here.

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